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Prof. Dr. Rameshwar Adhikary

Professor And HOD Department Of Sharir Kriya
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The syllabus of Shareera Kriya Vijyan developed along with BAMS course in Mangsir, 2052 BS in Kathmandu, Nepal.

According to above mentioned curriculum in this subject (Shareera Kriya), there are two theory papers coding IX for the 1st paper and X for the 2nd paper.

Having 210 teaching hours in these theory papers and 90 teaching hours in practicals are separated. Each theory papers has 100 full marks with 50% of its pass marks.

But in the case of practicals, there is 200 full marks with its 60% of pass marks.

In the 1st paper of Shareera Kriya theory, Ayurved topics are emphasized along with some essential Bio-chemistry and Modern Physiology related topics are also included.

II paper of Shareera Kriya is also emphasized Ayurved topics and some essential Modern Physiology topics.

In practicals of this subject Ayurveda as well as Modern topics are managed depending on necessity.

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