College Library

Ayurveda Campus and Teaching Hospital Library 

Ayurveda Campus and Teaching Hospital Library was established in 2032 BS to facilitate the lerning, Teaching and research activities of teachers, students and staff of the Campus and hospital. 

1. Library mangment scheme,tools,Technique for Classification And cataloguing:

  • National Library of Medicine Classification
  • Dewey Decimal Classification -DDC
  • Sears list of Subject Heading 

2. Library Software:

 Library Automation Software is being used as library software and the library has maintained computerized bibliographic database of around 4900 books and       rest others documents are in process.

3.Library Collection 

Library has a good collection on Ayurveda and modern medical science. some books are also available covering Literature. History, politics of nepal in nepali and English Language.Different journals and periodicals in Nepali and English languages are also available in more than 72 titles. Library has maintained different types of acquisition register for different types of doccuments acquired in the library.

Types of acquisition register :

  1. purchased books: 11836
  2. Gifted books: 1136
  3. Thesis/Dissertation :-15
  4. Periodical :

                  -72 in title (Nepali: 16, English: 17 , nepali and English: 14, Hindi: 6);

                 -in volume: 558 

                -nepalese: 56 publlications

                - Foreign : 15 Publications

  •   E- resources:
  • E-copy : 4 (MD thesis)
  • Online resources : Research 4 Life Program(Hinari) 


All teachers,students and staff of Ayurveda Campus and Teaching Hospital are eligible for membership to this Library.

5. Opening Hours

summer  - 10.00 AM- 5 PM (sunday- Friday)

Winter   -  10.00 AM - 4 PM (sunday to Friday)

Closed  - On saturday and other government holidays 


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